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Running games
November 28, 2008, 3:19 pm
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No, I'm not talking about this type of game

No, I'm not talking about this type of game

As much as I love to run, sometimes the routine can get a bit mundane. I’ve found that “running games” can breathe new life into my training.

The running games started when I lived in Jamaica Plain and was looking for hills to run. I knew of a hilly area close by, but didn’t have time to map out a run. With my watch on, I set out the door with a goal: for the next 60-minutes, if I see a hill, I have to run up it.

One day at track, I found out I wasn’t alone. My friend Polly also plays running games. One of her favorites is “How many neighborhoods can I run through”.  

As I tick away the miles, some of my favorite games include:

  • Run errands (literally)
  • Run from or to work, friends houses, the gym, etc
  • Destination running (get dropped off somewhere then run home or to brunch)
  • Run a multiple-loop course  and trade running buddies each loop
  • Run your regular route in the opposite direction
  • Go site-seeing on your run – visit landmarks or scenic places – great for when you’re traveling or want to get to know your own place better

Do you play any games? If so please share by leaving a comment.


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