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The last few weeks…
January 10, 2009, 5:14 pm
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Did you miss me?

The last few weeks have been crazy. So I’ll do a brief recap.

December 19 & 20

Time to start Christmas shopping. Yes, we pretty much saved everything ’til the last minute due to hectic schedules, but what can you do?

On December 19, we got hit with a pretty gnarly snow storm. Enough to make things sloppy and my runs difficult. I still persevered and got out for 2 runs (one long one) before we left for England. Thank goodness for my training buddies – Alicia, Dana, and Marla!

December 21 – a different type of endurance training

yotel1After 26 hours, Ben and I finally made it to Yorkshire for Christmas. I considered this to be a great endurance training session called “Patience”.

Our journey started with an hour-long queue at the baggage check-in, a late boarding, and an idle plane as we sat on the tarmac at Logan for 4 hours before we finally flew to Amsterdam. The delay caused us to miss 1 of 2 daily flights to Teeside. The next flight being at 9:30pm.

But as we know, every dark cloud has silver lining. After falling asleep in our breakfast… er I mean lunch… um to be honest, I’m not sure what meal it was at that point… we discovered Yotel (no, that’s not a typo) and took a 3 hour nap. We made it home by 10:30 pm – just in time for a glass of wine or 2.

My Birthday – December 24


This is the big hill I ran up - sans snow

I celebrated with a bunch of “Happy Birthday” donations to my fundraising page (Thank you!) and a hilly, 2-loop run through the tiny Yorkshire village of Borrowby.  It was a balmy 45 F. I enjoyed the warmer temps as my last 2 runs in Boston were in the middle of a snow storm with about 8-inches on the ground.

Later in the day and we visited family and ate delicious home-cooked gammon.

After dinner and during a game of Mario Kart on the Wii, Ben’s sister Hannah phoned to announce that she and Pete got engaged – congratulations you two!



After opening presents, wishing my family in back in the States a ‘Merry Christmas’, and visiting Ben’s Nana and Grandad, we returned back home and cooked a big roast dinner with the whole family. We all had our piece to prep and took turns with counter space and the Aga stove. As always,  Ben was on Yorkshire pudding duty… I chose the parsnips and carrots.

After cooking up a storm, we stuffed our faces (well at least I did – I couldn’t even move!) and pulled crackers.

Last day in Yorkshire – December 28

The last day in Yorkshire I went for my long run (~10 miles). Because I’m not too familiar with the area and I still haven’t gotten use to cars driving on the opposite side of the road, I chose an out and back route from home to Northallerton and back.

Compared to all my runs in Boston – running in Yorkshire is beautiful and quiet – there are rolling hills, quaint narrow roads, farms with pigs, sheep, cows and horses, and stone fences. The simplicity of my route let me absorb my surroundings and zone out. The occasional cheer from the sheep (“Baaaah” kinda sounds like “Beth”) or car passing brought me back to reality which made me relish the moment.

After my zen-run, Ben and I packed-up, ate lunch at a local pub, said goodbye and hopped on a train to London.


eatI dispise treadmills… but, I actually ran twice on one. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. Don’t let this post fool you – you still won’t catch me running on one on a regular basis, but at least I know I can handle it *if and only if* I need to.

The reason why I revisted the ‘dreadmill’ was because Ben wanted to work out in the hotel gym and I was having motivational issues. Such bad motivational issues that if Ben had said, “Let’s skip the gym.”  I might have skipped my run. But thanks to Ben, I actually got my butt out of bed before we went into the office.

We worked at Justgiving from December 29-31. London was eerily quiet at this time, as was the office (I believe there were about 10 of us in out of 50). Even my favorite lunchtime cafe was closed – EAT (I love the Cheddar Ploughman’s sandwich).

Needless to say we got a lot done.

New Years Eve

bridgeBen and I left work a little early and hopped on the train to Bristol in the afternoon. We met up with our friends Louise, Neil, and Jason to ring in the New Year. After a carbo-loading meal of pizza at Pizza Express (yum!), we headed to this adorable pub that was at least 500 years old. To me, this is amazing – 500 years old?! In America, we call 100-year-old buildings historical.

After many laughs and drinks, we headed to the suspension bridge to see the fireworks. As you can see from the picture, this bridge spanned two cliffs. Nervous Beth dug the heals of my boots into the bank and didn’t move too much, as I was afraid I might fall down the bank (and there goes the marathon).

New Years Day

We started the day off with bacon and egg sandwiches. It may not have been good for my health, but it certainly was good for my taste buds.

We then walked off the sandwiches with a 7-mile hike through a nearby forest. This time to get to the forest, we had to walk across that suspension bridge (yep, the one between two cliffs). It was surreal – I couldn’t tell if the bridge was moving or if my mind was playing tricks on me. To add to the moment, Ben pretended to lose his balance (not funny Ben!).

Refreshed from our walk, we enjoyed another meal out of which I scarfed down a Toad in the hole.

Bath, UK

Our last day in Southwest England we traveled to Bath and admired the Georgian architecture. I really wanted to go in the Roman baths but we ran out of time.  Don’t you worry – I’ll be back!

London, again

eyeWe arrived in London for the weekend. I knew I had to run off my New Years – I could feel it. I went out for 2-runs feeling slower and fatter. The holidays were over and I needed to get back to my training. For my long run, I enjoyed a jaunt from the hotel to The River Thames, then onto the Tower Bridge and back over some other bridge that dropped me off near the Austrailan embassy and finished my run back up towards my hotel. Not a bad way to sight see!

In a more traditional way, Ben and I did act like tourists and enjoyed a chilly walk along the Thames, rode the Eye, and took in Dali Universe a permanent exhibit dedicated to Salvador Dali, which was featuring Picasso and Azam, as well.

The next day – Monday, I was booked to fly back to Boston.

Back in Boston, back into my routine

This past week I’ve been slightly out of it due to the jet lag. Unfortunately, Ben had to stay in London but I arrived in town Monday night. Feeling like it was past my bedtime (it was actually 7pm), I ran some errands and then hunkered down for the night. .

Most mornings I’ve woken up at 4:30 or 5:00 am due to the time difference even though I’d force myself to stay awake until 11pm. However, I’m proud to say I went for all my runs this week including my first track workout of 2009 with my triathlon team – Team Envision.

Regardless of the jet lag, I had such a wonderful trip to England and enjoyed my birthday, Christmas, and New Years… Cheers!

One more bit…

Again, thank you to all who’ve donated to my Boston Marathon fundraiser – your support made it so much easier to get out the door and train when I was away!


Help me Celebrate my Birthday!


On December 24, I become another year older.

There’s a lot to celebrate this birthday – I have:

~a wonderful family and friends who support and believe in me
~my health
~a great career at a company I love
~an opportunity to run Boston and raise money and awareness for a charity I adore

If you thought about celebrating my birthday with me by taking me out for a drink, joining me on a run, or sending me a card – please consider supporting my fundraising efforts instead. You can help me by:

~making a donation to my fundraising page
~telling others who might like to donate about my fundraising efforts

For me the ultimate gift will be running the Boston Marathon to raise awareness and money for Brigham and Women’s Hospital and their essential programs that have given and keep giving many families a better life, hope, and another day with their loved ones.

Please help me celebrate my birthday  – no donation is too small.

For those who’ve already contributed – thank you for your generous gifts and continued support – I couldn’t do this without you!

Gearing up for Boston – I got a number!
November 18, 2008, 4:10 pm
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Mid-race at the Harvard Applefest 10-miler

Mid-race at the Harvard Applefest 10-miler

A couple weeks ago, I recieved word that my application for a Boston Marathon number was accepted. It’s official, I’ll be running and fundraising for Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the 2009 Boston Marathon.

This will be my 2nd Boston Marathon and 9th marathon.

So what does this mean?

Running consistently – yes, that means in whatever weather conditions Boston throws at me

Buy a new pair of running shoes – okay, I could wait another month or so, but new kicks are motivating, right?

Make new running routes – more time on gmap-pedometer, as my running buddies know – I love to make up new routes, the hilly the better! 

Meet-up with new and old training buddies – anyone want to go for a run?

Start fundraising My goal is to raise $3000 for a great cause – Brigham and Women’s Hospital.