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Gearing up for Boston – I got a number!
November 18, 2008, 4:10 pm
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Mid-race at the Harvard Applefest 10-miler

Mid-race at the Harvard Applefest 10-miler

A couple weeks ago, I recieved word that my application for a Boston Marathon number was accepted. It’s official, I’ll be running and fundraising for Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the 2009 Boston Marathon.

This will be my 2nd Boston Marathon and 9th marathon.

So what does this mean?

Running consistently – yes, that means in whatever weather conditions Boston throws at me

Buy a new pair of running shoes – okay, I could wait another month or so, but new kicks are motivating, right?

Make new running routes – more time on gmap-pedometer, as my running buddies know – I love to make up new routes, the hilly the better! 

Meet-up with new and old training buddies – anyone want to go for a run?

Start fundraising My goal is to raise $3000 for a great cause – Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


I’m baaack!
November 15, 2008, 4:17 pm
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I’ve taken a 2-year haitus, but it’s official – I’m back to blogging, unless you count the blogposts I’ve done for work.

To see where I left off, visit my old blog.

After 2 years, I’ve a lot to say… so please stay tuned!